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This site is dedicated to timetabling & scheduling in schools & colleges.

We are a one-stop shop for all your timetabling software needs; whether you are new to timetabling, or an experienced timetabler of many years, or you just want to learn more about it – there are many free resources that you can download, plus software to help you, books, training, support, etc.

You have problems?  We have solutions!  Based on long timetabling experience.

We can help you if …

.. you are responsible for scheduling the timetable for your school or college ?

.. you are new to timetabling ?

.. or you are an experienced timetabler who would like software to help with the task ?

.. or you organise the student options in your school ?

.. or you organise the daily cover for absent staff ?

.. you want to learn more about timetabling for interest or career progression ?

.. you do the timetable, but feel there should be an easier way !

If any of these apply, then take a look at what we provide below:

What we provide …

TimeTabler  is a fast and reliable computer program used by schools & colleges in over 80 countries to schedule their timetables.   Provided with full Help & Support.

More details and a free Tutorial.

“Friendly timetabling, the easier way”.

Options  is carefully designed to help you with the task of organising your students’ optional subject choices (electives).  It finds the best pattern to satisfy all your students.

More details and a free Tutorial.

StaffCover  helps you to organise Cover for your absent staff in a fair & efficient way.   More details and a free Tutorial.

The Timetabler’s CookBook  is the definitive ‘bible’ for new and experienced timetablers.   More details.

Help & Support  is available to you  in 12 ways.

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We link to all the main MIS in the UK and in many other countries around the World

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Latest News:
Covid-19 update: We remain fully operational and all our usual full help & support is available to all our users -- but if you are affected by the coronavirus, or would like to use our software at home, please click here.
Covid-19 timetables: version 12 of our free PDF of suggestions & ideas is now available ... please click here.
DfE/Nesta EdTech: We have been working on this Project for Flexible-working and timetabling Part-time staff; to see the results click here.