Free Download of LessonLoader

LessonLoader is a free program to help you to plan and deliver your lessons more efficiently.LessonLoaderScreen1

The download is provided in such a way that you can either:

  • download a file (called LessonLoaderSetup20.EXE) on this machine, and then run that file to install LessonLoader on this machine,
  • download the file on this machine and then (if you wish) put that file on to a MemoryStick (or a CD, etc) to take to another machine and then run that file to install LessonLoader on that machine.  You can give the MemoryStick to each member of your department.
LessonLoader is installed with some free Physics resources, including animated PowerPoints.

They are included for 3 lessons, on:

–Working Scientifically : Variables
–Waves and Reflection
–Energy Transfer & Efficiency.

If you don’t want these free resources they are easily deleted, so that you can use LessonLoader with your own files.


To download Lessonloader, including the free PowerPoints, please take the following steps:
1. Identify a suitable folder to download the files to. Create a new folder if necessary, eg. C:Downloads
2. Click with your mouse on the link below to start the download, and save it in your chosen Download folder.
On a broadband connection it should take less than a minute.
Click here to download the LessonLoader Setup file.
3. If you are installing on this machine, then find the file called LessonLoaderSetup20.EXE in the download folder that you used, (eg. C:Downloads as above) and just double-click on this file to install the program.

That’s it!
If you are installing on a different machine from the download machine, then:
Transfer the file to the other machine (eg. using a Memory Stick or a CD or email).
Then install it by just double-clicking on the file called LessonLoaderSetup20.EXE.


E-mail if you have any queries.


It is freeware, so consider giving a free copy to members of other departments, eg. Geography, English, etc.


This v2 has some improvements: (i) you can now include URLs (ii) you can specify a ‘category’ and a ‘colour’ for each lesson to make identification faster, (iii) improved Help files, and a faster way to move round the program.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let me know at