TT-Options : Annual Licence Fee

For an Upgrade Order Form for the new version of Options, please click here.

Payment of the Annual Fee licenses your school or institution to use the Options software for another year, on any number of machines, at school and at home providing it is for the sole purpose of your school or college, and also gives you access to comprehensive HelpLine Support for that year, via the Support Centre, and also includes an Upgrade to the new version of Options.
The licence fee details were agreed when you first installed Options. To see an example of the agreement, click here.

The fee is payable annually, usually before the end of December each year.
December is when the new Upgrade to Options is released.
To continue using Options beyond December, you will need to pay your next year’s Licence Fee, and at the same time you will receive the Upgrade to the very latest version of Options.

The Upgrades are based on items added to the WishList by Users.
You can see full details of the latest Options Upgrades by clicking on:

Any further (minor) Upgrades that arise from Users’ comments during the course of the year are also included.

For information on when your licence next expires, please go to “Help -> About Options…“.
Once your Licence gets near to its expiry date, you will receive warning messages on-screen.
For an Order Form to Upgrade and renew your licence, please click here.

There are two exceptions to the above:
if you have made special arrangements to pay 3 years’ Licence Fees in advance, you will not need to renew until the 3 years have passed, regardless of what it says at “Help -> About Options …”.  Contact us for a free renewal if necessary.
if you purchased Options (the full version, new, not an Upgrade) in the five months before the end of December, then you receive a free renewal until the next December.

If you have any questions regarding the Annual Licence Fee that are not answered here, please email

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