Timetabling (scheduling) a school or college timetable using computer software.

Timetabling - the easier way

Timetabling (scheduling) has a powerful effect on the life of a school or college, and if you are a timetabler you carry a heavy responsibility.  
Modern software can relieve you of much of the donkey-work of timetabling, leaving you with more time to apply your skill and judgement where they are needed in order to produce a timetable of the highest quality.

This page gives you an introduction to a widely-used timetabling program called TimeTabler.
This extremely popular and proven computer software will schedule your timetable for you.
Do not confuse this program (Keith Johnson's TimeTabler) with other programs with similar names.

Later you can download a copy of the software, with a Tutorial and some demonstration data.

On this page :
timetabling software in action 
- about TimeTabler,
- what it looks like,
- what it does.


TimeTabler is a fast and friendly computer program, based on many years of timetabling experience, carefully designed to help you to schedule your timetable quickly and accurately.

TimeTabler requires no knowledge of computers.  It is designed to allow you to sit at the keyboard controls and ‘drive’ your way through the timetable.  The easier way.

TimeTabler has been continuously developed and improved by Keith Johnson and a team of expert timetablers over a period of 30 years, using the many comments provided by a large number of users in a variety of situations.

Many hundreds of schools and colleges, in over 70 countries, now use TimeTabler to do the actual scheduling of their timetables on a computer.
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TimeTabler will cope easily with the largest school.  And yet it is friendly for small schools as well.
Look how friendly the screens are:

Main Menu
 It's as straightforward as 1-2-3-4.  This is the screen for Step 1 : entering your Basic Data.
 And every screen has a
Help button, to explain what each part does.
 You can see more examples of the Windows screens by clicking here.

Click here to see a Video about the 4 steps in TimeTabler.    basic data

TimeTabler is based on long timetabling experience.  It's friendly & intuitive.
You stay in full control and can over-ride the machine at every stage.
And it is supported by a 24/7 Support Centre and a team of experienced timetablers.  We are the experts.

It will run on any PC with Windows 98, XP, Vista, Win-7, or later.  ('Mac' Users can run it by using 'Parallels' or similar.)

 Main Menu
TimeTabler will help you to deal efficiently with:

        - the scheduling of part-time teachers,
        - option patterns, maths sets,
        - staggered lunch-breaks, variable days,
        - split-site schools, consortium days,
        - shared teaching in the ‘Sixth Form’,
        - ‘consistently-setted’ blocks,
        - etc. etc.

TimeTabler can deal with ANY curricular structure, of ANY complexity.
No other timetabling program can claim this.
And you can use our HelpLine Support if you need help or advice with any aspect of your timetable.

TimeTabler is totally self-checking.  For example: it will never allow you to allocate by mistake any one teacher to two classes at the same time; and it will always warn you if you begin to put two classes in the same room; or if you decide to put two separate lessons of Maths on the same day, etc. etc.
This means that the timetable is guaranteed to work when the new term starts.

TimeTabler will automatically take care of all normal requirements like putting 5 periods of French on 5 different days (unless you tell it not to).

Using the high speed of the computer, combined with efficient & proven timetabling algorithms, TimeTabler looks ahead and shows you at every stage a recommended list of Priorities for you to consider.  
That is, it recommends which lesson you should place on the timetable, and where you should place it !
At every stage, you can follow the program’s advice  or  you can make your own decision.
In this way you get the very best result of the computer’s speed combined with your judgement & experience & your knowledge of your colleagues.  
This is the way to get a quality timetable.
  Other programs don't do this for you!

But in addition to this mechanical checking and prioritizing, TimeTabler will do far more - it will do the actual scheduling of the timetable for you ,
 - either  interactively  (you and the machine working together), autoFIT button
 - or  automatically  (you relax while the machine does the work),
 - or  both  (swap between them, whenever you wish).
There are more details shown on the next TimeTabler page.

AND  TimeTabler has a superb special feature called FIT.  
If a problem lesson will not fit into your timetable, then TimeTabler will quickly search through millions of complicated ‘musical chairs’ moves in order to find and show some solutions for you to choose from !      FIT button
It’s fast and clever !       Wonderful !

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If you have any queries, please e-mail them to: keith@timetabler.com 
We will answer any questions you may have about using the software with your particular curriculum.


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