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I tried demos of every package I could find.  TimeTabler stood head and shoulders above the competition.
Simply it retained the 'art' of timetabling, but with the science built in.
It has clearly been put together by school timetablers, for school timetablers.
I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Derek Simpson, Depute, Dunbar Grammar School (ages 12-18) , East Lothian, Scotland
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My predecessor had used Facility Timetable, but the documentation accompanying that package defeated me completely.
When I was appointed, my school was implementing so I was also encouraged to consider Nova-T6.  Unfortunately I made little progress with the Nova documentation and, even after four days of training with a Capita rep, I was not confident with T6.
It did not help that T6 seemed unable to cope with an unusual aspect of our curriculum plan.
I decided to press ahead with TimeTabler and did not regret the decision.  At the end of the timetabling process I can export my timetable from TimeTabler into using exactly the same import wizard that is used by T6.
The only difference is that I have access to the TimeTabler HelpLine: this has been particularly valuable when I have been stumped by and I have been unable to solicit help from Capita.
I would wholeheartedly recommend TimeTabler.  Writing a school timetable can never be effortless and stress-free, but TimeTabler guides me through the entire process from setting up the curriculum plan to the final transfer into
Debbie Hayton, Timetabler, King Henry VIII School (ages 11-18), Coventry
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I cannot think of any instance during my use of software both in Engineering and in Education that have I worked with a product that was designed by people who know exactly what the software should be capable of doing ...until I used TimeTabler
This is an excellent product that genuinely saves hours of hard labour, easily facilitates “What if...?” scenarios, and simply helps our school to function more successfully.
Nick Armstrong, Timetabler, Edinburgh Academy (Senior school, 11 – 18), Edinburgh, Scotland

 Since 1999 I have been able to approach the timetabling season with pleasure, because that is when I began to use TimeTabler.
Every year I have appreciated the improvement in the software in response to Users' needs and comments. 
Moreover I have known that if ever I hit a problem, even one specific to only our school, I would always get an appropriate overnight response (the time difference helps here!) by sending an email to the HelpLine.
TimeTabler has an extraordinary degree of flexibility built into its programme, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of places.
Mary Saso, Timetabler, International School of the Sacred Heart (grades 1-12), Tokyo, Japan
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We are a grammar school of 1400 pupils with a reasonably tight and complicated timetable.  TimeTabler was recommended by a friend.  It is intuitive, clear and clever in assisting the timetablers, both in absolute terms and (especially) relative to Nova.  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone. 
Mark Shields, Timetabler, Belfast Royal Academy (ages 11-18), Belfast, Northern Ireland

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I used to be a traditional timetabler – It was pencil and paper for me. Thought I would probably always timetable this way until I retired.
Three years ago I was persuaded to try TimeTabler – now having just completed my 3rd timetable I would certainly not think of returning to my previous method and wish I had started using it earlier in my ‘timetabling career’.  It deals very well with any problems that the typical Scottish school has to deal with and I find that I can create my timetable in much less time than I used to.
There is now another huge advantage with TimeTabler.  For the first time there is now an import to the Click&Go - SEEMiS system.  Once you have completed your timetable using TimeTabler and set up some of the initial screens on C&G in the usual way, you can automatically import all your timetabled lessons with their staff, subjects & rooms.  Work that used to take several days can now be completed in a couple of hours !
Neil Farquharson, Timetabler, Carluke High School (ages 11-18), South Lanarkshire, Scotland

I started writing timetables fifteen years ago.  ...My Damascus moment occurred when TimeTabler found, in about five seconds, a Level 7 'musical chairs' fit which I knew from bitter experience would have taken me two or three days to work out.
The hassle and stress levels of the first few weeks of my summer holidays have disappeared, and TimeTabler has saved me many days of work.
The manual is excellent, as is the prompt and patient guidance offered on-line or by phone.
I have no hesitation in recommending TimeTabler to prospective users.
Bob Bass, Director of Studies, Orwell Park School (ages 3-13) , Nacton, Ipswich
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I have used TimeTabler for the last 15 years to write school timetables and manage the staff, students and rooming issues.
Over this time the TimeTabler program has continued to develop and now is an essential central tool in curriculum and school development plans.
I have found it to be an excellent program for construction and maintenance of current school timetables, allowing one to plan current and future staffing and curriculum programmes.
Paul Schofield, Principal, St Andrews International School (ages 2-18), Bangkok, Thailand
With such a complicated mixture of teaching sets for different year groups in our school, TimeTabler and Options give me the flexibility and ease to do my timetabling in such a short time.
Anton Kok, Director of Studies, King's School (ages 13-18) , Bruton, Somerset

TimeTabler has been in my life for twenty years and it has saved me heartache each year when the near impossible timetable has to be created for the next academic year.
One year I had to produce four unique school timetables and if it was not for the ease of use of TimeTabler and the power of the software there would have been embarrassment and a lack of confidence amongst the staff, the pupils and the parents.
Why have I chosen TimeTabler?  Cost was the first issue and having looked at more expensive software I found they were not as powerful as TimeTabler.
Douglas Buchanan, Timetabler, Eagle House Prep School, Sandhurst, Berkshire
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 I looked at a number of software applications ...I can honestly say that the best decision I made was to invest in TimeTabler.
From the day I installed the software, the product and the support offered by Keith Johnson and his company have been absolutely superb.
TimeTabler takes the stress out of timetable construction.  Produced by people who know how timetabling should be.
I would not hesitate to recommend TimeTabler to anyone ...It really is that good.
Phil Horstrup, Timetabler, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls (ages 11-18), Maidstone, Kent
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As a prep school, our timetable is not as complicated as larger secondary schools, but I have found TimeTabler has made my production of the timetable so much easier. (I have, under difficult circumstances, been able to produce a new timetable in less than one working day! (but don't tell my Headmaster!!)
The transfer of data from TimeTabler to SchoolBase is easy and saves so much time.
Nigel Kinloch, Director of Information Services, The Pilgrims' School (ages 4-13) , Winchester, Hants

I have used TimeTabler for 8 years now.  
I’ve reviewed other products, but they simply don’t match up in terms of ease of use and flexibility.
The support has been great, you have always responded quickly to queries and helped out with problems.
I would not use any other software.  TimeTabler is cost effective and works well in big and small schools.
was great in my last school as it allowed us to prepare individualised timetables for Years 10 to 13.

John Todd, Head Teacher, Compass International School, Doha, Qatar
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 When it comes to timetabling, Keith Johnson literally wrote the book!  Most school timetablers have been trained directly or indirectly by him.
The TimeTabler program is the easiest and most versatile I have used and I have tried most of them.
For the timetabler it is a dream; easy to understand and works exactly to timetabling best practice.
Options is without peer.  Our bottom line depends on customer satisfaction and the Options program delivers results leading to more happy pupils and parents than any other system by far.
Heather Salmon, Timetabler, Arnold School (ages 11-18), Blackpool, Lancashire
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The first year was horrendous as I found the previous timetable program not to be up to the task.
It is no exaggeration to say that TimeTabler has reduced my workload by well over 100 hours.
The investment has been worth every penny and I would thoroughly recommend TimeTabler to any school.
Charles Brenan, Deputy Director of Studies, Newland House School (ages 4-13), Twickenham, Middlesex
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I had come across your book on Timetabling, and thought that this was a unique chance to have the programme that was literally written by the guy that ‘wrote the book’! 
Options is another boon, as every year you can really optimize student choices quite easily.
It is a very easy programme to use, and the flexibility of being able to re-draw you Option blocks and see what happens is wonderful.
I can recommend TimeTabler and Options to anyone wanting to produce a quality timetable in a minimum of time.
But perhaps the most powerful argument would be the very helpful support at the other end of a telephone, where the people doing the support know more about timetabling than I do!
John Mackenzie, Headmaster, Dunalastair International School (ages 5-18) , Santiago, Chile
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Right from the start TimeTabler not only made the job easier but increased confidence in the product.  It is impossible to double-book a class or a teacher unless you absolutely want to do so.  
The support is excellent, if sometimes rather humbling in that the question asked is covered in the manual. The export into our MIS (WCBS / PASS for Windows) works well and enables everyone in the school to use the timetable on a day to day basis.

StaffCover : As you would expect, the completed timetable can be read straight into StaffCover in order to produce the daily cover list. It is perceived by staff as being fair.

Options has helped me to make timetabling and curriculum decisions for four years now
...and I could not envisage the process without its help.

...we thoroughly recommend all three products which not only save us a great deal of time but have enabled us to offer a better experience for staff and pupils alike.
Ted Fenton and David Williams, Cokethorpe School (ages 5-18) , Witney, Oxfordshire

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The TimeTabler software has been invaluable ...particularly useful at times when timetable changes are necessary due to staff changes, or rotation of electives.
Our school has continued to use TimeTabler for the past 6 years and have no intention of changing.  
Its valuable new features are added regularly via up-grades.
has continued to be great value for money and the online support has always been quick to respond and very helpful.
Danny Kotel, The Henry Lawson High School (ages 11-18), Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia
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I found TimeTabler much easier to use than the one offered by my school system.
What I find really great about the program is that it is really easy to use.
The support offered by Keith and Chris Johnson and their team is excellent.
I have found TimeTabler and Options invaluable tools and without them I'm not sure that I would be able to produce a new timetable for Amman Valley School and the options process would be much more difficult.
Beth Ledger, Timetabler, Amman Valley School (ages 11-18) , Carmarthenshire, Wales
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We liked the look of TimeTabler and so opted for it, being impressed with the way the software had the same basic structure as when creating a timetable manually.
I have been really impressed with the support that I have received, which has been reliable and instant.
The power of this software, however, is that it can be used in both large and small schools.

This is a comprehensive piece of software is fantastic.
...using this software makes a time-consuming job very easy.
Anne Holden, Deputy Principal, Portland Central School (ages K-12), NSW, Australia.
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 We have been using TimeTabler at Marlborough College since 2003.    
With TimeTabler, three days' work can be carried out in a matter of minutes.
We undoubtedly have a better timetable as a result.
Although TimeTabler has excellent auto-scheduling routines, the user can also place classes manually, and its drag and drop Visual Designer is easy to use.
TimeTabler comes with excellent documentation and support.
Emails to the company always elicit a swift and helpful response.

For all of these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend this software.
Ian Crabbe, Assistant Director of Studies, Marlborough College (ages 13-18), Marlborough, Wiltshire
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 TimeTabler and Options have been fantastic tools for curriculum planning that have allowed us to cope with the increased complexity with relative ease! 
What has been particularly useful with both programs is how easy it is to try different scenarios before fixing on a final solution. 
These are not programs that will become outdated.
If you are looking for an Options planning and Timetabling solution, I would strongly recommend that you look at Keith’s programs first!
John Ridley, Timetabler, Tanglin Trust International School (ages 3-18), Singapore
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 My commitment to the TimeTabler software extends beyond the use of the programme itself, because it is a product which is continually evolving in response to its Users’ needs, and because the training and support provided combines both practical and inspirational guidance.

Chris Lynch, Timetabler, St Thomas More Catholic School (ages 11-18), London

I was appointed to create the timetable at my school in 2000 as the big change to A-Levels started.
I then called up and got demonstration software from four companies; three large companies linked to various MIS packages and TimeTabler.  It was a 'no brainer'; I bought TimeTabler.
I find it a brilliant, easy to use, software package that is wonderfully supported by a highly knowledgeable team.
Keith Irvine, Timetabler, Bishop's Stortford College (ages 4-18) , Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire
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After becoming responsible for the timetable at Patana, I was concerned that a novice would struggle to complete a timetable for a school of 1000+ students with some facilities and staff shared with a Primary school, the complicated structure of IB Higher and Standard lessons, offering 6 foreign languages and a staff of 110.  Having completed the INSET, armed with the program and clutching the couldn't-be-clearer manual, I completed the timetable in a relatively short space of time once final staffing was confirmed.
Without doubt I will continue to use the application for as long as I am responsible for the timetable.  
If I move schools, I'll probably stump up the cost of the program out of my own pocket, just for peace of mind!
Gavin Lazaro, Assistant Principal, Bangkok Patana School (ages 3-18), Bangkok, Thailand
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 I have been creating my school's timetable for nearly a decade and three years ago we purchased TimeTabler with a view to making things easier.  There is no doubt that the package made all aspects of our timetable easier to schedule.
It has also enabled me to timetable a curriculum plan that had previously been thought impossible!  
So, thanks to TimeTabler ... I can now create a better timetable in less time.  
Well done to the whole team for giving such excellent value for money.
Philip Moon , Timetabler, The High School of Glasgow (ages 11-18), Glasgow, Scotland
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