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Ann and Keith Johnson
Ann and Keith Johnson

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Keith Johnson was born in Darlington, went to Manchester University to study Physics, and then became a Physics teacher, then Deputy Head & Timetabler, acting Headteacher, and Science Inspector for the City of Manchester.
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He has written or co-written over 100 books, and is involved in the writing of timetabling software which sells in over 70 countries.   Keith Johnson  
Total sales of 'GCSE Physics for You' (UK editions) are currently well over one million copies, and total sales of 'Spotlight Science' also exceed one million copies.
His books have also been translated into Chinese, Dutch, Slovenian, Thai, Latvian, Lithuanian, Welsh, Norwegian, Polish.
He is married to Ann, who helps with the design of the books and draws cartoons for them.
They have two children and three grandchildren.
Hobbies include trail-riding on his Yamaha XT600 motorbike, filming (he won an award for one of the 'Ten Best' amateur films of the year), swimming, learning French, and reading.
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Keith at an event to celebrate
a million sales - More details.

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