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Staff Cover is a well-known and reliable computer program, widely used in schools and colleges.  You can download a trial version from this site.

StaffCover is designed to help you streamline the daily business of arranging and publishing Cover for absent staff or special events as effectively, quickly and fairly as possible.

StaffCover takes its data from the TimeTabler  program - you do not need to type in your timetable again !  

The program is up-and-running within seconds of switching on your computer, and is designed to operate on the minimum number of key-presses.
All entries are error-checked to help you get fool-proof results (even if you are half-asleep or in a rush due to late phone-calls).

StaffCover for Windows allows you to tell it very quickly: StaffCover Menu

StaffCover then automatically assigns cover staff on the basis of many factors. These include:

StaffCover automatically assigns staff for you but you can easily edit/swap teachers if you wish.

Then, at the press of a key, it will print out :
a ‘Master’ cover timetable for your notice-board,  and if you wish,
individual slips to be given to each affected teacher, or emails sent automatically.

The program keeps a record of all Cover done, in order to provide full statistics at any time.

In addition, it includes a Locate feature.  
You, or the office staff, can quickly locate any class or any teacher.

Other features of Staff Cover include:

Click here to see a short Video about the screens in StaffCover.

You can move to the download page if you want to download a copy of:

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If you have any queries, please e-mail them to: 
We will answer any questions you may have about using the software with your particular curriculum.

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