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This CD contains over 1000 resources to help your teaching.  Over 1000 !  More details below.
PowerPoints, Spreadsheets, Images, Animations, Interactives galore!
It may not be easily available (if you don't already have access to a copy).
The ISBN number is 0-7487-8327-X

And it was published with a printed Pack of over 400 photocopiable sheets for you to use with your students.  Make your life easier!

The Physics for You (2006) CD-ROM had many more resources than before, with a revised friendly structure.

A typical 'ResourceFinder' screen is shown below, for AQA Topic P1a (2006 spec):

  What kinds of ICT Resources are there on the CD?
  Help with Misconceptions
Key concepts have been tackled with Flash animations, Simulations, Interactives, PhotoPlus files, and animated PowerPoints for you to use at the click of your mouse.
These help you to focus and clarify topics where students often have misconceptions
Materials from the printed Teacher Support Pack : Updated for the new 2006 specifications
All the revised Student Maps, Checklists, Revision Quizzes, the Technician Cards, all the Help Sheets and Extension Sheets from the printed Teacher Support Pack are on this CD ...and they are editable.  If you wish you can tailor any of these sheets (in MS Word) to your needs.
Learning Objectives, and Plenaries
For each topic there are PowerPoints of Learning Objectives (revealed one click at a time) and Plenary questions, to focus your teaching.
Each Exam Topic (for AQA, for Edexcel, for OCR), as well as each Book Chapter, has its own customized PowerPoint of Learning Objectives and its own Plenary.
Depending on which option you choose on the CD (see above) just the PowerPoints relevant to your selected Exam Topic are displayed.
Over 150 full-colour diagrams are provided, taken from the Physics for You Students’ Book.  Now you can project them on-screen as part of your teaching, and even use them in your own worksheets if you wish.
ICT activities
A wide variety of additional ICT activities in Excel, PowerPoint and Word – for you to use in your teaching, or for your students to use in school or at home.
Questions and Answers
Questions and answers are provided as animated PowerPoints, and also as Word files, for you to adapt if you wish.
A PowerPoint Summary for each chapter – good for quick revision.

  ISBN 0-7487-8327-X     Distributed by Nelson Thornes (now OUP).

  There are similar CD-ROMs for Chemistry for You and for Biology for You.

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