Employing & Timetabling Part-timers in your school

A free 20-page 'White Paper', full of ideas about improving the role of Part-timers in your school.
Better use of Part-timers -> Better motivation -> Probably better exam results for your school

The contents of this free White Paper include: white paper
Information for HeadTeachers about the best ways of employing Part-time teachers.
Advantages and limiting factors for your school.
Negotiating with Part-timers.
Job-shares : How to present them to Parents.
Information for Timetablers about the best ways of timetabling Part-time teachers.
Analysing Part-timers when they are in Blocks.
The damaging effect of some 2-week timetable cycles,
and how to improve yours.
Split-teaching : 2 types, intended and non-intended, and how to analyse them.
How to do 'What if...?' investigations.
Comments & Concerns of existing Part-timers
...Contracts, Communications, Child-care, Career, Complaints.
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