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The Students' textbook, 5th edition, 2016           ISBN 978-0-19-837571-5Physics4U Cover
400 pages, full-colour, with many worked examples, questions, diagrams and of course the famous Professor Messer cartoons.

It is fully revised for the new specifications which begin in September 2016, first exams in 2018.
Suitable for both UK GCSE Physics and IGCSE Physics courses.

It is accompanied by a large number of free downloadable resources, available to both Teacher & Student at:

To order the book, visit the OUP web-site or the Amazon page.

The 2011 edition [978-140-850922-7] and its electronic Kerboodle version [978-019-835267-9] are still available.   
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Physics for You has also been published in other countries:
- Holland
- Hong Kong (mixed English/Chinese edition)
- Hong Kong & China (Chinese edition)
- Thailand
- Slovenia
- Lithuania
- Latvia

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Other books by Keith Johnson:

Spotlight Science - new QCA Framework Edition  
  A complete resource for KS3, including Pupils' Books, Teacher Support Packs and Assessment Tests, ...and with CD-ROMs of Starter Activities.
More CD-ROM Packs, Web-resources, and electronic Assessment coming soon.
Covers all KS3 Science in the sequence of the QCA Scheme of Work.
Spotlight Science - original Spiral Edition  
  The original KS3 series, including Pupils' Books, Teacher Support Packs and Assessment Tests.
Covers KS3 Science in a Spiral sequence, for more efficient learning.
Spotlight Science for Scotland  
  Two students' books, with Teacher Support Packs, for the Scottish 5-14 scheme.  
Science : On Target  
  A book for KS3 pupils, to help them prepare efficiently for the KS3 SATs in Year 9. Two versions, one with answers included.  
  This is still the standard guide for those involved in doing the school timetable.
More details here.
Advanced Physics for You           ISBN 0-7487-5296-X  
  For students studying for A-level Physics.
More details here.
GCSE Physics for You : The Teacher's Support Pack           ISBN 0-7487-8339-3  
  460 pages, with Help & Extension worksheets, Student Checklists, Revision Quizzes, Teacher Maps, Student Maps, sample exam answers, answers to Further Questions, etc, etc.
The Pack included the CD-ROM (below) but is no longer in print.

Most of this material is now available as a Free download from:
It's very useful for both Teachers & Students.
GCSE Physics for You : The 'Just Click' CD-ROM of extra teaching resources           ISBN 0-7487-8339-3  
  Over 1000 files of resources for use with a data-projector.  More details here.
Java/Flash Animations and Simulations, PowerPoint presentations, Video, interactive resources, Excel spreadsheets, Word files, ...with projectable Learning Objectives & Plenaries for each topic, as well as animated resources giving 'Help with Misconceptions'.
All the sheets from the printed Support Pack (above), as well as Board-specific versions, are included as Word files so you can edit them for your own purposes.
It includes over 150 images from the textbook for you to display on-screen as part of your teaching, and to use in your own resources if you wish.  The CD also includes Lesson Planning software, to plan your Scheme of Work and share your lessons.

Other books, some no longer in print:
Me and My....  
  Five books developed with the Manchester Primary Science Team and published by the ASE.  
Science at Work  
  Associate editor for some of the later titles in this 24-book series, published by Longmans.  
Multiple-choice Physics for You  
  A book of multiple-choice questions.  
Overhead Projector transparencies  
  Four books on Optics.  


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