Best A-Level Physics school textbook : Advanced Physics for You, 2nd Edition

Advanced Physics for You


Advanced Physics for You is an exciting textbook for students following AS and A2 courses for A-level Physics.

Based on the same winning style as Keith Johnson's highly-successful GCSE Physics for You, it has been carefully designed to be inviting, interesting and motivating to students of all abilities.

Topics are presented as double-page spreads, in full colour, and carefully designed to enhance learning by the clear development of concepts.  
Key points are clearly highlighted, with end-of-chapter summaries, and an accessible reading level throughout.
Over 200 Worked Examples illustrate every aspect of the course, with a large number of questions for students to practise and so gain in confidence.
Questions on each topic are 'ramped' in difficulty, and there are 8 sections of past paper exam questions.
A 'Hints' section gives help when needed, as well as answers.
'Physics at Work' sections enrich students' understanding of the many applications of Physics.
Additional sections give help on:
  - Study Skills,
  - Revision & Examination Technique,
  - Practical Skills, and
  - Help with Maths.
'Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler' -- Albert Einstein

To see exactly how the book 'maps' to the Exam Specifications for AQA, OCR, Edexcel, CCEA, WJEC, CIE, visit
Each 'specification matching grid' shows you exactly which pages in the book are needed for each part of each exam specification.

To see some sample pages click here.

ISBN 978-140-852737-5         There are similar books for A-Level Chemistry and Biology.  There is also a 'Middle East' edition.
To order, visit the OUP web-site or the Amazon page.

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