New features in TimeTabler

TimeTabler, Options and StaffCover are constantly evolving and developing.

All Users are encouraged to contribute to the 'Wish-List'.  
Every year we look at the Wish-List to decide what to put into the annual Upgrade.
Then, after extensive testing, we release a new Upgrade early each year.


Just click on a link below to view the PDF file in Acrobat Reader,
or right-click and choose 'Save As...' to download the PDF file for viewing later.

Of course, all the items are explained in detail in the printed Manual.

New features in TimeTabler 2016              
Order Form
  for the TimeTabler 2016  Upgrade
Order Form  for purchasing TimeTabler  (new)

       TimeTabler Manual
New features in TimeTabler 2015
New features in TimeTabler 2014
New features in TimeTabler 2013
New features in TimeTabler 2012 
New features in TimeTabler 2011 
New features in TimeTabler 2010 
  Features from the previous 15 years are available on request.  
  PDFs to print out :  
The Contents sections of the full TimeTabler Manual
The QuickStart Guide in the Manual
The 'How do I....?' Booklet  
  Options   Options Handbook

New features in Options 2017               
Order Form  for the Options 2017  Upgrade
Order Form  for purchasing Options  (new)

New features in Options 2016 
New features in Options 2015 
New features in Options 2014  
New features in Options 2013  
New features in Options 2012
New features in Options 2011
  Features from the previous 15 years are available on request.
  StaffCover   StaffCover Booklet
New features in StaffCover 2016              
Order Form
 for the StaffCover 2016  Upgrade

There is an updated (50-page) Handbook. 
For a printed copy see the Order Form, or click here for a PDF.

Order Form  for purchasing StaffCover  (new)
 New features in StaffCover 2015   
 New features in StaffCover 2014  
 New features in StaffCover 2013 
 New features in StaffCover 2012 
 New features in StaffCover 2011
  Features from the previous 15 years are available on request.    

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